For people with large assets, divorce is like a symphony orchestra in which many elements are essential to a complex arrangement. The amount of assets in your marriage are those elements, and the total worth of those might surprise you. Do you have a home, retirement accounts, vacation property or equipment, or a closely-held family business? Divorces come in all sizes based on the amount and type of assets involved. In most cases, the marital residence is the most valuable asset in the marriage. But often there are other assets involved.

“Increasingly, family businesses and business interests may need to be divided,” says Carson Steinbauer. “Each property may need to be characterized as either community or separate property. There are stock options that may or may not be vested. And there are claims against retirement income to consider.”

The largest and most complex business deal most people will ever be involved in is a divorce. Even clients who live modestly may divide a net worth of several million dollars when they take into consideration the value of homes, retirement accounts and closely held businesses.