Carson Steinbauer Family Law is intensely experienced at taking divorces all the way to the courtroom, although most cases are settled at the negotiation table or before a trial can begin. In fact, Carson Steinbauer is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Certification is awarded to a select group of Texas attorneys who spend the vast majority of their time handling cases in their specialty and pass a rigorous examination.

“Over time, you develop the tenacity and intuition about what will make the future brighter for your clients and their children,” Carson says. “We’ve handled divorces involving rich and famous clients, people with family businesses and other large assets, people from other cultures who may not understand our laws and customs, and those with the custody of children at stake. We respect cases of all sizes and give all of our clients the same care. We just want clients who will listen to our advice, help us advance their goals and appreciate our creative problem solving.”

Divorce litigation is an art. There is no substitute for experience, preparation and good sense when trying to reach the best possible outcome for those you represent.